Hi.  You may call me Mr. Miller, rmiller, or just “hey you” if that works better.  My real name is on this site in a few places, but you’re going to have to work for it.

I have been blogging for nearly 20 years now.  I was blogging before WordPress existed – I wrote the entries in HTML and hand-linked them, that’s how long ago it was.  I am forty years old, a single male, and I currently live in Austin, Texas with a very stubborn and willful cat.  Whilst I am a computer engineer by trade, I am currently working towards a Bachelor’s of Ministry in seminary.

This blog is (mostly) my public wrestling with Christianity, Jesus, and church, though there are a few other things thrown in – if they ever take off I’ll probably move them to their own blog.  Because it is my public wrestling, there may be things you don’t like or understand.  Before you spout off, please read the comment policy and make some attempt to understand what the purpose of this blog is.

It is important to note that this blog has been regularly updated over at least three years.  There are things that I posted at the beginning of this blog that I may no longer agree with.  There are things that I posted last month that I may no longer agree with.  I don’t delete posts unless I have a good reason.  Do not assume that just because you are reading something that I currently believe it.  When it doubt, ask.

Thanks for your visit, I hope you are enlightened – and maybe just a little pissed off.

I do feel obligated to give you one warning:  I cuss.  Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but I don’t feel any conpunction about dropping an F-bomb every now and then.  I think sometimes those kinds of words are required to express what I want to, and I’ve learned not to judge swearing, either if it comes from me or someone else.  So if you don’t like that kind of thing, please consider yourself warned.  I’ve thought carefully about it, and I don’t plan on stopping.