Fresh Start

I had around 815 posts on this site.  I have hid them all.  I don’t think they’re coming back.

These posts focused around three things generally:

  • Spirituality (particularly Christianity)
  • My personal journey
  • Social Justice

After a lot of long and hard thought, I’ve decided I no longer want to write about these things, at least not in the way I did, and I no longer want those things to be exposed to the wider public.

Here’s why.


My journey through spirituality has been a long and rocky road.  I have been through almost every permutation of Christianity, New Age, and Atheism that I can think of.  I have run the gamut from fundamentalist Christian to militant atheist.

Looking back on my posts on these topics, they just don’t seem to matter anymore.

My journey is mine.  It’s something that I’ve been through, and it’s unique enough that I have no further hope of it ever helping anyone.  And while I have no issue with vulnerability if someone can gain something from it, vulnerability for its own sake is foolish.

My Personal Journey

My reasoning here is somewhat similar to my reasoning above.  It’s my journey.  It’s been proven over and over again that no only does no one care about it, very few even understand it.  I could post for my own benefit, but again, I don’t see what good vulnerability for vulnerability’s sake does.  So I’m not going to bother.

Social Justice

There were many posts containing my opinions on social justice issues.  Hint:  They were not very complimentary to liberals or social justice activists.  My opinion has not changed in that regard.

But to be honest, looking back on those posts, I’m not sure what I was trying to accomplish.  Was I trying to draw a line in the sand?  Was I trying to rail against what I saw as stupidity?  Was I making a halting attempt to participate in the culture wars?  Either way, I just don’t see the point anymore.

The simple fact of the matter is, social justice activists are simply too far gone to engage with anymore.  So I won’t.

I’ve decided I don’t care what they say, I don’t care what they think, their particular brand of insanity is simply to be ignored.  And ignore I shall.  And that means that whatever they think about how I think or feel, I just don’t care.

And part of not caring is simply not giving them any more rent in my head.  Or my blog.


I don’t know what I am going to do with this site anymore.  If I have the stamina and energy, I may go through my previous posts and see if there’s anything worth salvaging.  There are a lot of good posts with a lot of good content, but it just doesn’t matter anymore.  It’s not worth posting if no one reads or cares.  I may focus on one of my other blogs.  Or this may be the last post you see.  I don’t know.  I’m not sure I care all that much anymore.

For those that subscribed, thanks for following.  This is probably not goodbye.  But I’m not sure you’ll see much of me in the near future.

So long (for now), and thanks for all the fish.

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